2014-15 Rebuild

We will be celebrating our GRAND RE-OPENING on May 16, 2015! 7 AM-3 PM. That week we will have raffles for gift certificates and prizes going on throughout the week! Please join us in celebrating and come on in to see us again!

We are excited to annouce the begining of a new chapter for us here at Polly's. We will begin construction on a new building in Oct 2014. Our current building is very worn out and can no longer support the high volume of business we are doing. After weighing all the options regarding renovating, remodeling, or rebuilding it became clear that a new building was the most practical and best option. While we understand that change is hard, in order to continue serving our customers we have decided it is time to rebuild. Unfortunately our options are limited and demolition of the old building has become necessary to assure that Polly's Pancake Parlor will be around for generations to come. We will be salvaging all the antiques, artifacts, barn board, and many aspects of the current building and moving them into the new one in order to maintain the charm of the Polly's Pancake Parlor. Of course our food and service will be the same as always. Your server will still cook your pancakes and you will still be able to watch! One of the most exciting aspects of this project is that we will be able to remain open year round once we are in the new building and be able to serve a whole new group of people. Please stay tuned here to remain up to date on all the information about Polly's rebuild project!

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With an eye to the future, Polly’s Pancake Parlor plans major expansion

Sugar Hill landmark to begin construction on new shop and restaurant this fall

 SUGAR HILL, N.H.—It’s been more than 75 years since Polly and “Sugar Bill” Dexter began serving pancakes, waffles, and French toast in a renovated woodshed next to their home. In the ensuing decades, Polly’s Pancake Parlor has served countless pancakes to many thousands of visitors and expanded the dining “parlor” several times.

This fall the renowned restaurant will undergo a major expansion, allowing more efficient operations and a move to staying open year-round.

We’re serving upwards of 58,000 people a year now, sometimes more than 500 in a day,” said Kathie Aldrich Cote, who with her husband Dennis and daughter Emily runs the family business started by her grandparents back in 1938. “We’ve really outgrown our space, and after a decade of thinking about expanding and improving Polly’s, we’re moving ahead with plans this fall.”

Those plans include removing the current building, constructed in the late 1800s as a carriage house and later used as a woodshed, and creating a new, larger pancake parlor on the Route 117 site overlooking the mountains of the Presidential, Franconia, and Kinsman ranges. The project will retain Polly’s charming character while modernizing the restaurant’s facilities.

From its initial conception as a small tea room to complement the Dexters’ maple sugaring business, Polly’s has grown considerably over the decades. Beyond the dining room, which has a seating capacity of 65, the converted shed and adjacent buildings also contain the kitchen, a separate bakery and shop, and a thriving mail order business, which ships maple products, pancake mixes, and other Polly’s-centric items around the country and beyond.

Polly’s stone grinds the flour used in many of its mixes on site, and Dennis Cote continues to make the maple spread and maple sugar used in the Pancake Parlor and sold at the shop.

The extra effort and homey character of Polly’s are what have made it a favorite breakfast and lunch stop for both locals and visitors from afar. Throughout the summer and fall, there is often a line of diners eagerly waiting for a spot in the dining room and a taste of Polly’s famous pancakes or one of its New England-centric sandwiches assembled on homemade bread.

The restaurant has been featured in Road Food, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Cooking with Paula Dean, the Food Network Magazine, New Hampshire Magazine, and Yankee magazine. Polly’s also won a James Beard Award in the American Classics category in 2006.

With a new, modern building, the Cotes and their staff will be able to more efficiently operate the restaurant, bakery, and mail order endeavors. Polly’s will also be able to remain open year-round, an impossibility in the current building.

Change is often difficult to accept, and we’re sensitive to the idea of altering a local landmark loved by so many. But we have been exceedingly careful as we’ve developed this plan to preserve the essence of Polly’s,” said Denis Cote. “The expansion will allow us to keep doing what Polly’s Pancake Parlor has done for the past 70 years, and it will ensure Polly’s will be here for another 70 years.”

Polly’s will be open daily 7 a.m.-3 p.m. through Columbus Day, Oct. 13, when they will close for the season. Work on the expansion will begin immediately, and the Cotes plan to reopen next spring in early May. Friends and customers are invited to visit www.PollysPancakeParlor.com and Polly’s Facebook page for updates on the expansion project.


Photo Timeline (ongoing)

The week of 10/14/14 we began to remove antiques, portraits, and sheet music from the inside of our building into storage. We also removed any equiptment to bring into the new building. Our wonderful staffed all pitched in!

Moving Out!   Moving  


We also had Presby's crew come in and salvage all the barn board from the walls to be put up in the new place.

Salvaging Beams and Boards   Crazy Electrical!

Upstairs  Presby Taking down the siding

On 10/21/14 the old building was completely empty and Presby's came to tear down, and salavage the rest of the building.

Emptied out Polly's  Shed Moving 

Old Pollys

Old Pollys Gone

Then on 10/23/14 we successfully drilled a hole under rte 117 to put our new septic system in across the street. This was a major hurtle and we were glad to get it done before snowfall.

Drilling  Working on removing old septic

Setting the footings and pouring the cement Weeks of Oct 27-Nov 6

digging cellar hole  setting footings

Pouring cement for foundation of new building  Pouring cement floor for crawl space

This is a view of the foundation for the new building from behind it, the middle section is the kitchen- and the outside section is the wrap around "porch" dining room:


Nov 7- 21:

Back filling and tamping the dining room before the concrete slab goes in.

back filling and tamping

Bathroom plumbing going in

Plumbing going in

More tamping, and cleaning off the snow!

More Tamping

Covering up the dirt with insulation so that it doesn't freeze and in prep for the radiant heat piping

Covering up

Lumber arriving!

Lumber arriving

Piping for radiant heat going in

Radiant Piping

Floor joists arriving

Joists Arriving

Back loading do wall forms going in

Back all going in

Nov 22- Dec 5

Walls Up!

The frames for the walls are up! 

Where the grills will go

This is where the pancake grills will go, so that you can watch your pancakes while they are being cooked! 

2nd Floor

This is the second floor. It will be above the kitchen only, and it will house the maple production, flour grinding, pancake mix production and mail order. It will also have a loading area off the back of it, which up until now has been a major challege for us. This will make deliveries much easier and safer. This will also mark the first time in Polly's history when everything will be under one roof. 

From the road

This is what it looks like from the road. 

Lifting wallsLiftingwalls2 

liftingwalls2 wall up

Putting up the walls on the second floor!


walls up roofgoingon

Roof going on the center part of the building. 

roofing roof framing

Roofstuff roofdone

Roof for the center part complete, and dining room walls added on: 



Roof going on the dining room: 

Roof on dining room

Jan 1-13

Preparing the roof and starting the entry way.

Getting ready to add the entry on Entry way

Entry way Roof

Entry way roof2

Some windows going in!


More windows

Inside the Dining Room!

Inside the dining room

Jan 13, 2015:

Jan 13, 2015

Jan 13- Feb 23: 

Metal roof going on: 

roof going on

more roof going on..

Inside the new dining room, this is the new (but familiar) pancake grill viewing area. 

Pancake Grill area

New Dining Room

Siding going up: 

Siding going up

Owner Dennis Cote and employee TJ Rennel have been working to make the new letters to go on the building, more maple leaf placemats, as well as new tables for the dining room: 

Polly's letters

New Tables

The view from the dining room: 

View from dining room

New Building from across the street on Feb 22, 2015:

New Building from Road

3/3/15- THE LETTERS ARE UP!! :) 

Letters Going UP

whole building letters




This sign was carved by Roger Aldrich- when it became weathered we had to retire it- however, it is now out of retirement and hanging on the walls of the new building. 

Kitteridge is here!

Kitchen equiptment arriving! 


Entryway with reclaimed wood from the old building

Retail Space

A panoramic image of the retail and bakery area. The bathrooms are behind those doors to the left. 


The pancake grills with reclaimed wood surrounding them. You will still be able to watch your pancakes being made. 


New "Counter" area- wood panelling is from the outside of the old building. 

Dining Room

View down the dining room. 


This is our kitchen- although it hasn't been filled with equiptment yet- that is on its way! 

Celebrating over 75 years of yumminess! 1938-2015

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