Winter 20-21 COVID Rules

Hello everyone, as we continue to deal with being open during a pandemic we have some rules set in place thanks to guidelines set by the State of New Hampshire that must be followed to dine here.

  1. If you or anyone in your party is sick. DO NOT COME IN. If you have been in contact with anyone who has had COVID 19 recently please do not come in. The safety of our staff and other customers is our number 1 priority.
  2. If you or anyone in your party is showing signs of COVID-19 such as a Fever or Chills, Coughing, Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing, or Fatigue that’s unusual please stay home to keep our staff and other customers safe. We made this a separate point because it’s a serious concern for us.
  3. While inside the building everyone must wear masks. The only time you may not is when you are seated at your table. This includes trips to the bathroom, etc.
  4. Per a recent order from the Governor of New Hampshire, ONE person in the party (before being seated) must provide the host with the their first name, and a phone number they can be contacted at if there’s a case at the restaurant. If you do not want to provide a name and/or contact number, we can not serve you and ask you to come back when business returns to the normal at a point in the future.  On our end we will keep record of when you’re here and who your server is.
  5. We ask that when you come in to add your name to the list please only send one person, it will help reduce congestion. Which is necessary for us to maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  6. If you are waiting for your table, please wait outside or in your car. We know that in the winter it gets cold. If you are not able to wait outside because of the weather the pagers work on the premises so feel free to wait in your car. Also please avoid constantly checking in with the host, if the host tells you the wait is an hour and the hour comes and passes go ahead and check in but do not check in 15 minutes later.
  7. If you want to come in and shop please feel free to. We just ask that you make your trip as quickly as possible so we can maintain our social distancing.
  8. You cannot go up to the pancake grills at this time. We also ask that you do not approach your server when they are away from your table. We are working on reducing server load to ensure they have more time to be with your party
  9. All parties must be 6 or smaller, including children. If your party is larger you will be split up and you will be sat as tables are ready. Which means you will likely be sat at different times and likely sat far away from each other.
  10. We ask that you keep your visits to an hour. What that means is once you are seated your time starts. Obviously if the food takes a long time we won’t kick you out, but we ask that people do not linger at the table for too long. To ensure this, please don’t allow yourself to be seated until your party is here. If you are on our waiting list but your party isn’t here, you will stay on the list. But if you sit down and the rest of your party arrived 15-20 minutes later your hour started when you were first sat down. We are doing this for 2 reasons. First is our capacity is reduced to maintain social distancing. So in order to serve as many people as possible we have to have this rule. Second is incase someone is sick, they’ll be in the building for less time.
  11. While social distancing rules are in place there are no reservations at Polly’s. It is first come first served, please be understanding with the host. We still have the call ahead list, you may call before your arrival. The number for that is (603)823-5575 Ex. 16
  12. Because of sanitation requirements our maple tray is changing. We still offer all the goodies but we’re required to sanitize them all between each table. So instead of bringing them to your table your server will ask if you need certain products. Please feel free to ask about anything you need, like cream, milk, maple spread, maple sugar, butter, maple syrup, non-sugar sweeteners, sugar free syrup, jellies or jams, your server can take care of that for you.  
  13. To reduce the risk of contamination when you order a full stack of pancakes you will get all 6 pancakes at once. We know this bucks tradition, but we think it is the safest path forward for now.
  14. Because of our reduced capacity, we do offer limited takeout. If too many people are placing orders at once you may experience an exceedingly long pickup wait time. Please be patient.