Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Polly’s been in operation?
We have been open since 1938. Polly’s is still operated by the same family. The business is now owned and operated by Polly’s granddaughter Kathie Aldrich Côté and her husband Dennis Côté. Kathie and Dennis have been involved in the business full time since 1981. Kathie’s parents Nancy (Polly’s daughter) and Roger Aldrich are still very actively involved in the business as well.


Do you serve anything besides pancakes?
We serve pancakes and waffles all day long, as well as many sandwiches, salad plates, soup, quiche,beans, eggs and French toast, all of which we make here at the restaurant. We also offer dairy free pancakes as well as “as gluten free as we can make them” pancakes or waffles.


What is the story behind Trot Trot, the little Red Horse?
My father had a very old children’s book called The Little Red Horse which he enjoyed as a child and then we did as children. When his first grandchild arrived in decided to carve a version of the horse that could be enjoyed by all the children that visit Polly’s every year. Trot Trot I was born in 1988 and lived until 1991 when he developed terminal dry rot. Roger built Trot Trot II in 1992 and he survives to this day. Trot Trot I and II are based on the Swedish Dala horses.


Who was Polly?
Pauline Taylor was a professional violinist as a young women. She use to visit Sugar Hill with her parents at their summer cottage. On her visits she became acquainted with Wilfred “Sugar Bill” Dexter and his first wife Lucy Hildreth Dexter. After 25 years of marriage Lucy Dexter passed away from cancer. Several years later Polly married Wilfred “Sugar Bill” Dexter and they continued to run the busy maple sugar business during the early 1920’s here at Hildex Farm. At that time there were many grand hotels in the area. During the depression they decided to open a small tea room as a way to highlight the different uses for their maple products.

What does Hildex stand for? Hildex is the name of the farm. Made up of two family names Hildreth and Dexter. When Sugar Bill Dexter married Lucy Hildreth (his first wife) he joined the Hildreth family farm business and they merged the two names. Hildex has been mowed in the field opposite Polly’s since some time in the early 1920’s. Dennis Côté has managed to keep the tradition going and mows it every couple of weeks.