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Dairy Free (Vegan) Pancakes from Polly’s Mix

To make our pancake mix dairy free we chose to use orange juice. Some folks ask us why we chose that over almond milk or soy milk. The reason we use orange juice rather than those alternative milks is that we have to be very careful about allergies here in the restaurant. Plus- it adds a really yummy citrus flavor to the pancakes.

You can do this with our Original Mix, Cornmeal Mix, Buckwheat Mix, or Whole Wheat mix. The Gluten Free and Oatmeal Buttermilk both already have dry milk products in the batter- so those can not be used.

To make these, use the directions on the back of your pancake mix but omit the eggs entirely, replace the milk with your favorite brand of orange juice, and replace the butter with canola or vegetable oil. It doesn’t matter how much pulp is in your orange juice- we’ve always used “some pulp”. You can taste the orange juice in these pancakes- we think they taste delicious that way and that it really adds to the flavor of the pancakes.

We have not tried to make these with alternative milks- if you have tried- let us know how they came out! Enjoy!